SHALOM and welcome to! This is Deborah Galiley’s website, and she has written three great bible fiction novels.  In addition, she has posted other great faith-based fiction - both classic and current - that you can purchase directly through this website.

Her first novel, POLISHED ARROWS, was released by OakTara Publishing ( in April, 2007. POLISHED ARROWS is the story of the prophetess Devorah, from Judges 4 & 5. Intermingled with Devorah’s story is that of Yael, wife of Hever, the Kenite.  Historically, the book takes place in ancient Israel, 14th century B.C.   It is an amazing ‘can’t put it down’ tale of God’s plan and purpose in the lives of two very different women.

YOHANA (Hebrew for ‘Joanna’) is Deborah’s second book published by OakTara. Yohana is the woman mentioned in Luke 8:3 who helped support the ministry of Yeshua (Jesus) by her wealth. She also is recorded in Luke 24:10 as being present at the Resurrection. Deborah has drawn on her own experience of being miraculously healed from breast cancer in the writing of this book.

The third book, SEEKING PARADISE, starts with the Adam and Eve story from Eve’s vantage point. It picks up in Nazi-dominated Berlin before jumping to modern-day America and the spiritual odyssey of a Jewish girl, Becky Hermon.

All three books are told from a Messianic Jewish perspective, are encouraging and informative, and just plain fascinating for Jews and Christians alike.

Go through the many pages on this site: read sample chapters, see what different readers have said, look at the healing testimony, or just check out the photos. Consider purchasing POLISHED ARROWS, YOHANA, SEEKING PARADISE, or all three!

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