Dear Deborah,

Wow, what a great book!  I really enjoyed it!  I finished reading it today and along the way it encouraged me so much in my own journey with the Lord, and as a woman set apart to walk out His purposes in my own life.

You have truly been gifted by God to weave in details of lives and characters that could have happened, based on the biblical accounts that we have been given by God.  Wow - you truly made the stories come to life, and I want to say thank you.

Ronna Cohen
Jewish Voice Ministries
Phoenix, AZ
Dear Deborah,

I finished "Polished Arrows" on the train ride today and loved every page!  I then busted out my travel Bible and read Judges 3-5.  I love how you took the facts and filled in plausible and interesting details.  I could see and smell all that happened and was excited throughout the entire book.  It's a great story and gives great insight into what following God is really like, how winding and difficult our paths can be and how God uses everything to bring about His purposes.

In Yeshua,

Charles Fick
New York, NY
Dear Deborah,

I have just finished the last page of POLISHED ARROWS, which I literally could hardly put down to get a drink of water while on vacation in southern Idaho in daily hundred degree temperatures!  This barren desert land surrounded by stunning yet barren mountains seems a perfect place to read your gripping novel of a similar land.

I can hardly find the words to praise your work adequately.  You have done an incredible job of portraying the story of  Devorah and the history surrounding her, without altering the truth of the history of God’s chosen people.  I just raced through it from start to finish and can’t wait to go back and re-read it to cull out the spiritual truths you so magnificently portrayed that I want to keep reminding myself of.  May our Lord bless you mightily for your faithfulness to His word.

Joan Bowes
Walkill, NY
Dear Deborah,

You have made this story come alive to me.  I know many others will be blessed.  My heart and mind were fully engaged in each turning page.

Spiritually, I was challenged to remember that like the character Devorah, I couldn’t remember a time in my life when I had not felt the presence of God.  Also, as she grew into a mother and saw her need to draw into intimate fellowship with God, I too felt drawn, once again, to return to my loving Savior in such a way.  With Yael, I was reminded that no matter what betrayals beset me, or life trials, both known and unknown, I can trust my God in Yeshua to be faithful to me.

Miriam Mokry
Utica, NY
Dear Deborah,

I have just finished reading Polished Arrows!  Coming to the end of the book was painful, because I had become so absorbed.

Your story stirred and touched me on many levels.  My life has been enhanced by the commitment to and love of Adonai that defined the characters.  Even the Biblical root of the story has been enlarged for me.

I praise God for the obedience and discipline that brought His story into reality.  You are truly blessed!

Baruch ha Shem!

Barbara Grassl
Dallas, TX

P.S.  I was blessed to have the opportunity to buy your books for Christmas gifts for family and friends.  The whole story defines the wondrous possibilities of a spiritual journey, when obedience comes first, love is spontaneous, and we yield our human wisdom to the Lord of Heaven and Earth.  I am anticipating the release of YOHANA.
What Readers Are Saying About Polished Arrows…

“I couldn’t put it down!”
—David Teitelbaum, electrical contractor

“It’s a cross between Woman, Thou Art Loosed meets Desperate
—Danielle Greenberg, Rebbetzin, New Beth Israel

“I have brought so many books home from the library in the last
several months. This is the first one I have found interesting
enough to finish.”
—Peg Kowalski, M.D.

“After reading the Devorah sections, I really felt encouraged to get
closer to God.”
—Pat Groff, NY

“This book is fantastic!”
—Margaret Lowinger, Rebbetzin, Congregation Brit Hadashah

“That’s it? I want to keep reading! When is book two coming out?”
—Sharon Grubner, wife and mother, after reading the final page of Polished Arrows

Dear Deborah:

I love your book! It brings the Bible characters to life.  I looked them up in the Bible and enjoyed seeing them through your eyes.  I couldn't put the book down.

I gave the book to my friend last week and she brought it back today - she canceled an appointment to finish it!   You are a compelling writer.

Julie Schenk,
Oriskany, NY

“I just loved Polished Arrows! It spoke to me as a woman and reinforced my belief that we can accomplish so much if we believe in ourselves. It is a truly inspiring and empowering book. It was difficult to put down. I’m looking forward to reading the next one”

Dr. Laurie Betito
Psychologist/Sex Therapist
Radio talk show host in Montreal and Toronto

"Polished Arrows" is a wonderful read. I felt like I was back in biblical times. I could sense the great rift between the remnant of true believers and the idol worshiping culture. This story truly glorifies the Lord and helps us understand how difficult it is to remain faithful to  the Word of God.

—Bishop Bill Woodson, Greenwich, CT